The Expressive Thread

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Kit Challenge

After today i probably will never get back to a comfort zone .. there is a kit challenge going on in the Carolina Mixed Media Artist Guild. Each person that wanted to participate got a box, with 32 elements in it, all alike. We are to create something from these 32 things - unveiling the result at Artist Alley in Southern Pines NC March 7.

This has stretched my skills as the elements in the kit are of paper, wood, glass, platic, metal, fiber, and bullet shell casings... yes. So if a person primarily worked with paper, then they have to work with wood and metal .. you get the drift .. So comfort zone is gone for quite awhile.

Challenge - yes
Creative - yes
Crazy - yes
Exciting - yes


Saturday, February 14, 2009


Never blogged. But in the February Carolina Mixed Media Artists (CMMAG) meeting last Thursday I was asked about my Blog ... Uh wellllll.

I am a fabric-o-holic. I love fabric, textile design, and needlepoint. I must of gotten this gene from my mom who owned a consignment clothing shop. She would get in wonderful vintage things, and would buy and bring them home to show. She was always sewing on her Kenmore machine which the tension was always needing fiddling with ...

After a long time thinking then actually deciding to do, last year we built the art studio over a 4 car garage. It's full of windows and light and I love it to pieces.

Today was a overcast but almost springlike day - the jonquils are coming up in the garden !