The Expressive Thread

Monday, June 8, 2009

the leg was designed to hold the key and other items of the kit. I wanted part of the wire to remain open, so the viewer could see the bits. 4 wires were used as the 'main' structure, with the design to be able to thread those wires into the buttons that would eventually be used as a hoof (they were the same color as the original hooves). Each wire would be stuck into one of the 4 holes in the button. Oh, it took a full hour to pry that original hoof off the leg.

I used a soldering tool with a sharp point to burn away the plastic part of the belly etc, that I didnt want. Reverse sculpturing it. The toy is really put together, it took a lot of hours just to cut away the belly, leg, head. About 16 full hours of breathing fumes, not so good but I did have the overhead fan on full blast. The guts of the toy was full of wores, battery casings, lots of plastic to hold things together. Originally, the horse or really unicorn, had hooves and unicorn horn that lit up when a button was pushed.


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